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Fair Share 

Any products which show a Fair Share label carry a small premium in price. This additional cost is passed on to workers in India towards their living wage. The Fair Weather Foundation independently audits the Fair Share scheme ensuring that the workers get what they should from the scheme. 
Why pay a premium for Fair Share products? 
By adding just a small amount to the price of our products which can be as little as 10p to the price of a T-shirt or 54p to the price of a hoodie can increase wages of the poorest workers at our suppliers factory in India by 50%. This is a huge increase for the workers and will help to provide them with a much better wage and thus living conditions. 
Living wages 
The aim of the Fair Share project is to provide all workers with a living wage. A living wage should cover all the basic needs of the workers and their families along with allowing for some savings. Workers must be able to earn this living wage within a 48 hour working week. 
Boomer & Jen Fair Share products
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